Little Potion of Death

And I can't explain
this feeling in my head
that spreads through my heart
when I see you moon draped
lying on my bed.

The craziness of time,seems to stop
when you place your lips on mine
kiss me and say goodbye
ripping my heart apart
no matter how hard I try.

I give myself the benefit of doubt
that you love me, and would continue.
but I can tell you this for sure
that you still take my breath away
every time "I love you" when you say.

When you look at me
there is something about the way you do it
silent smile, stabs this heart like a dagger
and I lay rip open in your arms
with my heart fractured.

Truth beholds, that you and I
are just moment, the figment
the imagination.
The dream that I knit
when I first saw you.
A dream, a sweet little potion of death.

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