Scarlet Lips

In that dazzling red gown
scarlet lips,and pink cheeks
when you stood under the 
oak tree.

And the evening birds
flying back to their nest
singing melody on the tree.

The setting sun,slowly fading 
from yellow to red, to orange, to dark dead.

A glass of vine, you held in your hand
and stroked a pose for the guy with paint brush.

The shimmering eyes, tint of green and blue
like an evening sky, in northern hemisphere.

The halo invisible to naked eyes.
but heart can see and visualize.

I can’t explain, the pounding of this heart
I am sure, I skipped a breath or two
when I saw you play with your hair
my jaw just dropped.

What is beauty in this world if its not you?
The hair, the eyes, the lips
your heart, your soul, the pure you.

If I could just keep looking at you 
for life time, I would certainly do.
hold you in my arms, with warm embrace
stay with you till the end of my days.


4 Responses to Scarlet Lips

  1. Devan says:

    Beautifully written! 🙂


  2. akhandsi says:

    superb 🙂 nice work


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