Till Death Do us Part

I travelled the path of mine
you travelled the road of yours
unfazed, unknown we were
that this path will become ours.

You were playing somewhere, with your friends
running in barren fields, barefoot till sun set.

I did the same, wandered aimlessly
from dawn till dusk, with my pals and buddies

You had a routine, so did I.
school, play, study is what we both did.

Those were teens.

We stepped in college, had all the fun we could gather,
graduated searched for job, behaved grown up

Generically, treaded the same path
from begining, but still never saw
each other, never heard
never felt for that matter

Never in my wildest, thought.
I thought of your existence
and here I am next to you
holding hands, till the end.

And now, we begin this journey
together for the rest of our life
till death do us part, we live and breathe
same heart beat.

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