Troubles are here and they have always been
But you have always shielded me from them.


Not a frown on your face, I have ever seen
When you burdened yourself, with these troubles of mine.

You have smiled and cared and bleached my soul
Cleansed my mind and loved me the most.

When I needed to get repaired, you offered me the tools
Helped me stand on my feet, And understand the rules.

On your shoulders, you let me stand
See the world, feel the world and help me expand.

I grew up and you grew old, and these wrinkles on your face
Had some stories to be told.

Stories of the wonders you did
Of the love you showered and the meals you provided.

Of how all along the way, you never gave up on me
Held my hand and guided me.

You made me feel strong, every time I was with you
And the time, I was not, I still felt you.

4 Responses to Father

  1. Awesome post. The picture is amazing


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