One of Those Moments

Sometimes for no reason , I get sad. I try hard to understand what caused it and why it happened but have never been able to come up with an absolute answer. I call these times to be ” One of those moments”. These are the moments I cannot explain, I cannot understand, but I just live them. I don’t share these moments with anyone. How do I explain something this vague, that I myself fail to understand to someone. Hence, I live this moment. Let it complete its due course. I let it meander like a river does. It engulfs all possibilities that lies in that moment. But the one I am always scared about is when it tries to include other people into my sadness. That’s when I have to snap out of this moment. I hate to snap out. I feel I am cheating myself by not embracing this side of mine. But when in the world has someone lived for own, it is always an act of pleasing others. So I let it please others.

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