Save the Superman

I was flying up high
Across the seven seas and countless skies


Hoping one day the roles would change
And once, just for once I am not saving
But I am saved.
Under this red cape is a strong heart
But am as vulnerable as you are
I am there for you I have always been
But no one has been there
 when it was time to save me

Summer- Scarecrow

Every year during summer holidays my family took  a trip
To my ancestral village where my grand parents lived.
It was untouched beauty,  stopped at stone age
Pristine and primitive, just how god had made.
Every morning after breakfast
My grandfather and me went for a walk in the wheat fields.
Rows and rows of golden wheat  danced in the wind
Captured the horizon with their golden faze.
There was a scarecrow that lived at the center of the field
Tethered clothes, hands stretched,  a crow sat just on top of its head.
It seemed , the crow was challenging my grandfather.
The old man picked a stone and gave it to me,
Asked me to throw it at the crow, I almost felt like his trainee.
I did and did and did and did, but the crow refused to leave
The stubbornness of the crow angered my old man.
Infuriated with anger, he thought of other measures
Looked around and found an empty bucket.
He fetched bucket full of water from a close by well.
And with all his might he threw the water on the crow.
Drenched, the crow cawed and flapped his wings
Soaked in summer bath, it gave my old man an ugly grin.
They looked into each other’s eyes
Neither of them was ready to give in anytime.
After a while, The old man gave up and called it quit.
He held my hands and turned around,
Sad and dejected, as if he had lost some championship.


I remember the sultry heat and the empty roads
and the orchards where , the cuckoos echoed.
Not caring for the audience, unperturbed she sang.
Sometimes happy and sometimes blues,
Very persistently, she performed her show.
She played hide and seek with me, only to win all the time.
One summer day, I went out to look for her
Spent hours and hours in the forests.
But couldn’t find her, couldn’t see her.
She stopped singing for me, the forest got quiet.
And I stopped in dismay.


I decided to go back home and gave up looking for her,
Sad and dejected, I sat under a tree.
A moment later, something flew over me and it was her.
She dropped me a present.
Just like Santa dropping it under the Christmas tree.
It was dark, long, silky and  slender
She gave me one of her feather.
As I picked it up the forest came to life.

The dream Job

What consists of a dream job? A question so often asked and yet so often unanswered. Primarily, because people tend to follow the rat race.

For someone like me who does the regular 9-5 blue collar job, from my experience, following are top 2 points that makes up dream job.

dream job

  1. Challenging: if you are doing the same thing again and again and life has become real comfortable, it is detrimental. Believe me, it is detrimental. The job has to be challenging enough that it should give you the drive to come to wake up every morning and come to work.
  2. It should matter: the work you do at your job should matter to someone. It should not be a monotonous act, but something that is worth doing. Something that makes a difference in the world around you.

An Act of Kindness

I have been thinking a lot now a days. I am thirty and I have not done anything for others.  I mean, with god’s grace, I have everything I need. Air in my lungs, nice pair of running legs, regular paycheck and above all my loving family and friends. But the life has been always “About me”.

So I started to think the ways by which I can help others. I mean thirty years is a good time span to have done something for others in need. I don’t claim to become a social worker, mother Teresa or something of that stature but just an act of kindness is a good path to walk on.


Here are three act of kindness that everyone can easily do without having to complain about time, energy and money needed to do it because these seriously cost nothing.

  1. Feed the needy with TO-GO foodIf you are full, don’t leave the food on your plate to go as a waste. Get a to-go box. and on your way back to home/work, you can give it to someone in need.
  2. Donate your clothes: Donate your old, not so needed, warm clothes to charities like Goodwill, Red Cross, etc. You can help someone go through the winters comfortably.
  3. Act of Assortment: If you think, that those pair of eyes sitting outside places like: Starbucks and Chipotle, in tethered clothes, holding a sign “Anything Helps” can enjoy the coffee as much as you are enjoying, you can buy them too. It doesn’t cost that much to buy a coffee. Or more so, what about those assorted cookies, or chocolate brownies. Do you not think, they would enjoy them as much as you if not more. Only thing is you can buy it but they cannot and probably, they have never had.

Your random act of kindness can bring a smile to someone’s face that can be sometimes be fulfilling beyond imagination. So go ahead do your act of kindness.

Keys for happy relationship

Relationships are hard and there is  no two way about it. Ask around, look around, underneath all those happy faces, lies the blood and sweat of hard work. A foundation where each brick is a moment and is plastered by concrete of million emotions that mankind can carry.


Sometimes, it may seem the end of the world but there is always a silver lining. Here are TOP THREE factors that may help in having a rock solid relationship.

  1. Belief: When we get into a relation, it is all rosy and  rarely we think of time way ahead in future. But when the daily life kicks in, the idiosyncrasies starts to reveal themselves, it kind of kicks you in the gut. This is the time to just take a deep breath and remind yourself that  “you are in this for a long haul”. Life just re-arranges itself around you.
  2. Kindness: Be kind and express your feelings. Say “I love you” or “I am sorry”. Be thankful and courteous. Be respectful. In summary be kind to your partner. It heals, solves and pardons, amends, solidifies the relation.
  3. Let it go: Yes, you heard me. Sometimes, it might become hard to forgive and if it does and your ego kicks in and you find hard to forgive, don’t beat yourself on it. Just let it go. forget about it for a moment and when the time is right, you can bring it up and have a conversation out of it.

When is the RIGHT TIME to change your job

You start this new job, things go well. You are respected for your craft. You are sought after for your craft. The boss is super happy with your performance and times goes by, day becomes a month, months turns into a year and a year turns into years. You are still there. Nothing has changed, but is it time to re-think, re-group and evaluate if you should still be there.


Here are THREE important signs that you should consider as indications to switch jobs

1. You are way too comfortable here: Sure, the pay is great, the colleagues are friendly and you have a cabin with the view. But do you still matter. Sure, your boss still likes you but when was the last time you spoke to him face to face. Does your manager know what you are working on these days? Analyze the scene, when you decide to not show up one day, would it change anything in your project? If the answer is NO, then it is high time.

2. Do you want to go to work: Hows does your morning look like? Are you the kind who is in the shower thinking what am I going to do today at work? What was I working on yesterday? If you get these feelings, take it as an indication as something is wrong. The passion is degrading and you might not know about it.

3. How’s the growth: Did you learn something new from the time you joined this new work? If the gains haven’t been significant in terms of your career goals. It is time to evaluate your situation.

HOBBIT: You have an awesome girl friend or wife

The new HOBBIT is here and just like Harry Potter series, this would be the end of it. I think it should be more treasured, because J. K Rowling can still give us a glimpse of the Potter world by enlightening us with the passages surrounding the characters in Potter series, Tolkien can never do it, for the obvious reasons. Well more between Potter and Frodo tales in later posts.


This one is for all the guys out there to know that you have an awesome  girlfriend/wife if she enjoys watching J.R.R Tolkien’s epic saga with you for the following top 3 reasons.

1. ADVENTUROUS: The movie is full with adventure be it of Frodo, Pippin, Gimli or Gandalf or the talking trees for that matter. If she is a fan of LOTR series then there is a probability that she is a fan of adventure and boy there is nothing better than a girl who can go trek with you on those mountains of New Zealand.

2. SACRIFICING: Believe me any girl putting aside 4 long hours from her daily life just to watch a movie with you has this quality up to the brim and if it you do a marathon of LOTR then Oh boy she deserves something really special.

3. CARING: You ask her to come with you to a movie theater to watch HOBBIT. Even though she has not seen a single LOTR movie and has absolutely no idea why everyone is fighting just for a ring. But still chooses to go to the movie theater and watch the HOBBIT in 3D and sit there wondering what the heck is happening and comes out smiling just for you. She cares for you dude. And now best part is she is fixed on the movie.

New Year: New Resolution


It is that time of the year already, the time where we start thinking about the NEW YEAR and let go of the PAST and make RESOLUTIONS. So this is what I think the top 6 items in the RESOLUTION list should look like for a thirty year old, newly married (just about a year), INDIAN ( South Asian- It is important to specify this courtesy to the confusion created by Mr Columbus back in the day).

1. CALL HOME: You have been away from home for years now. Each festival is talked in terms of years. Five years ago was the last time  you celebrated Diwali with your parents, seven years for Holi and Rakshabandhan- don’t even think about it. Remember, your parents are not getting any younger with each year, time is limited. And since, you cannot go back and see them as and when you want, the least you can do is call them if not everyday, twice a week is no big deal. Call them on your commute  to work, or on weekends. A five minute of your call can worth inexplicable happiness for them.

2. YOUR PARTNER MATTERS: Your partner is your life now. You married them for a reason. I understand life can get in your way but remember the vows you shared. All it takes is five to ten minutes of conversation. Sit with your better half over a cup of coffee after you reach home from work. And no cell phone, no TV, no music, just talk, plain, simple, heartfelt conversation. Life is good from there on.

3. PLAN FOR FUTURE: Start saving man. Life can get hard and is very unpredictable. Hence, start saving. 5-10 percent of your monthly salary should go into savings without a fail. Have two or three accounts and split your monthly salary between these accounts. Categorize them into major expense areas: grocery, travel, rent etc. You would be amazed how much you save at the end of a year or when you do analysis: how much you spend on what.

4. TRAVEL: No matter how busy your life gets, get outside of your house and your monotonous weekday life, which feels like a routine. Travel. You can travel for cheap. Look for weekend getaways close to your city. You don’t have to go to Hawaii or Paris to feel the change. A small park some miles from your home, a secluded hike or a walk on the beach can do the trick. It helps you get re-energize. You can enjoy the trip all by yourself if you need to look into yourself, find yourself, or just enjoy a sunset on the beach with your partner. Remember, good things doesn’t need to be expensive.

5. HOBBY/PASSION: Imagine a drag life, following a routine and doing what everyone is doing. Doesn’t seem like fun right? Everyone has a passion for something, if you know what your passion is, great half of the deal is done. In case, you don’t know what is your passion, take out some time to explore. Believe me it is a worth investment. It could be anything from writing, working out, reading, hiking, gardening, volunteering, bird watching etc.and when you find it, hold on to it and pursue it.

6. EXERCISE: Nothing is as good an investment as your own body. As you grow old, your body needs extra care. ” Handle with Care” is just written all over it, when you are old. And in case, you don’t want to fall apart when that age hits, invest in your own body. Remember, your body is the closest you got to yourself. 20-30 minutes of everyday is all it needs. Pick any exercise: swimming, walking, jogging, yoga, strength training etc. The world is full of them. Just pick one and do it.

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Find Your Paradise

The purpose of life
Is too look beyond walls
The hurdles, the road blocks

Keep moving, running
As no good can come
From being dead at one place

Keep faith
Tides will offer opportunities
To find a beacon of hope
When you are stranded in an island

Learn from past
Even if it hurts
Don’t ignore it
There will come a point
When the hurtful past
Will metamorphose into a beautiful present

Look around
Take a breather
Life moves fast, real fast
Step out of your shell
and for a while, just for a while
look around

and stick with your choice
Most people falter because they are afraid to choose
The comfort that comes from not choosing
Not risking becomes detrimental for them
Without them knowing

One thing I know for sure
That there is no perfect time to wait for
Regret will come down the line
For a lot of things
But mainly for the things
You did not do
And not for the things you did

Find a friend
Feel closer to people
Empathize with their pain
And you will find your pain
Melt away

Live in the moment
Seek happiness in the moment
Come out of day dreaming
Enjoy your moments
And become part of a paradise
It is not a place
But a feeling
Of belonging, being part
Of a moment

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