Keys for happy relationship

Relationships are hard and there is  no two way about it. Ask around, look around, underneath all those happy faces, lies the blood and sweat of hard work. A foundation where each brick is a moment and is plastered by concrete of million emotions that mankind can carry.


Sometimes, it may seem the end of the world but there is always a silver lining. Here are TOP THREE factors that may help in having a rock solid relationship.

  1. Belief: When we get into a relation, it is all rosy and  rarely we think of time way ahead in future. But when the daily life kicks in, the idiosyncrasies starts to reveal themselves, it kind of kicks you in the gut. This is the time to just take a deep breath and remind yourself that  “you are in this for a long haul”. Life just re-arranges itself around you.
  2. Kindness: Be kind and express your feelings. Say “I love you” or “I am sorry”. Be thankful and courteous. Be respectful. In summary be kind to your partner. It heals, solves and pardons, amends, solidifies the relation.
  3. Let it go: Yes, you heard me. Sometimes, it might become hard to forgive and if it does and your ego kicks in and you find hard to forgive, don’t beat yourself on it. Just let it go. forget about it for a moment and when the time is right, you can bring it up and have a conversation out of it.

HOBBIT: You have an awesome girl friend or wife

The new HOBBIT is here and just like Harry Potter series, this would be the end of it. I think it should be more treasured, because J. K Rowling can still give us a glimpse of the Potter world by enlightening us with the passages surrounding the characters in Potter series, Tolkien can never do it, for the obvious reasons. Well more between Potter and Frodo tales in later posts.


This one is for all the guys out there to know that you have an awesome  girlfriend/wife if she enjoys watching J.R.R Tolkien’s epic saga with you for the following top 3 reasons.

1. ADVENTUROUS: The movie is full with adventure be it of Frodo, Pippin, Gimli or Gandalf or the talking trees for that matter. If she is a fan of LOTR series then there is a probability that she is a fan of adventure and boy there is nothing better than a girl who can go trek with you on those mountains of New Zealand.

2. SACRIFICING: Believe me any girl putting aside 4 long hours from her daily life just to watch a movie with you has this quality up to the brim and if it you do a marathon of LOTR then Oh boy she deserves something really special.

3. CARING: You ask her to come with you to a movie theater to watch HOBBIT. Even though she has not seen a single LOTR movie and has absolutely no idea why everyone is fighting just for a ring. But still chooses to go to the movie theater and watch the HOBBIT in 3D and sit there wondering what the heck is happening and comes out smiling just for you. She cares for you dude. And now best part is she is fixed on the movie.

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