You are the smile on my face
You are my beautiful days
You are the curtain swaying in wind
You are the fragrance of summer in my mind

The mist on the ocean is you
The red in the rose is you
The wrinkles on my bed is you
The maroon on my lips is you

You are the golden eyes under the sun
You are the green grass on my shirt
You are the bed-sheet on my chest
You are the shoulder on which I rest

The pillows on sofa is you
The pictures on the wall is you
The flower vase with lilies is you
The hammock in the balcony is you

You are the air I breathe
You are the dreams I saw at night
You are the light when I am low
You are the love I did not know

And now that I have found you, I am all you.

Like a song in repeat

We yell we fight, We make up, We hug tight.

At times we smile and at times we cry

We collect these moments in a jar

And seal it up tight.

Only to come back to it,

Just like a song in repeat.

But each time we yell and each time we fight

We grow close to each other.

I don’t know how and I find it hard to explain

But feels like we fall in love all over again.

Slip Away into the Night

Sometimes morning is not just about waking up
It’s an ordeal, it’s a nightmare.

Just like the one,  where you wake up and find yourself
In the middle of an ocean.
Fighting for each breath, you give out SOS, but its all in vain.

There is no savior, you are on your own
There is this voice that resonates in your head
But to let it out, you are too scared.

You don’t want to be called crazy,
There is already enough name tags you hold.

All you want to do is slip away in to the night.

You don’t understand, why do you have to get up.
Sun tries hard to pull you out of the bed
But you don’t want to get up when your brain is dead.

You stare outside the window for hours and hours
And see these people passing by:  some strangers some known.

You try to figure out, if they feel the same
Or this “dead-brain” is only your thing to claim.

And you sit with your knees touching your heart
Tucked in bed sheet, feeling invisible to time
You wait patiently, for each hour to pass.
And time mocks you on your face.
Take its sweet time, travels in its own pace.

Sail on this River

I hope you fight till darkness turns to light
Have a sense to stand out wrong from right
And when the storm comes, you don’t avoid
But you go out and dance till it dies

I hope the child in you lives forever
You find your friends and play out the sadness together
And when its time to say goodbye, you say your prayers
Wish them happiness and sail on the river

I hope you appreciate your presence in this world
Treat everyone with love and respect
Remember, kindness and sympathy is what brings joy
Money is temporary , just a scam- a ploy

I am in heaven

You came into my dreams, the night I lay asleep

On your heart and your arms

Wrapped around me

You whispered your love, into my ears

And I opened my eyes , to find myself in heaven

Save the Superman

I was flying up high
Across the seven seas and countless skies


Hoping one day the roles would change
And once, just for once I am not saving
But I am saved.
Under this red cape is a strong heart
But am as vulnerable as you are
I am there for you I have always been
But no one has been there
 when it was time to save me

Broken Arrow

The moment you left me I felt broken from that moment on.
I looked for you all around, but tired I fell on my face
only to kiss the ground.
I was with you all along, took part in your battles
be it dusk, be it dawn.
Some of those battles were my own, where I struggled hard
to stay along.
I did not complain about those struggles of mine
and held on tight to the string.
Knowing you held me tight in your fingertips, I felt I belonged to you
I was safe and I was part of you.
But with no time lapse you released me, I did not want to
but you let me go.
And now broken I lay down on the ground
counting my last breath, I think of the moments
when you held me and touched me
told me I was your best bet.

Before It is too late

When I say, I love you
Don’t shrug me off
like you always do.
Don’t question my love for you
when we fight and argue.
It is no different than the one
I say when I make love to you.
There is no scale to measure it
but I’ll tell you one thing
this is the only anchor in our relationship.
So hold on to it.
It would sail us through times
we don’t wanna see.
And believe me, trust me
before it is too late
and there is nothing else
left for us to say.



Each day I see you
Like I haven’t seen you before
You look new to me
From head to toe


The eyes, the lips
They shine and glow
When sun looks at them
Through our bedroom window
You wake up and pull your hair back
Take the rubber band of your wrist
 and tie me a pony
I lay on my back throughout this magic
Only to wake up to your kiss
The shine transfers into me
And I start my day  with ecstasy

Lost in your eyes

You are the only one who knows
The way it sounds
When I say I love you
while we stay awake
Under the stars every night
This love lead me to you
And I take you with me
To the place I have always known
The waterfalls shine under moonlight
With stars above and stars below
The fireflies fly across
And we sleep together arm in arm
Lost into each others eyes
We sleep forever till moon stops to shine
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