Stop Bullying

You look at me, Like I am weak-a fragile piece
You ignore my voice and turn away
Only to come back, To kick me on my guts and call me names.


I am nothing to you, But mere names and tags
A gay,  a lesbian, a  girl, a punk, a geek, a weirdo and a slut
To you I am a dead toy, A piece of meat without life
You play with me by torturing me.


I stay down on the ground, battered and tethered
My face cupped in my hands, covered in your spit and my blood
I feel like worthless piece, unable to stand.


You never cared to understand, that these bruises and the spit stains
I can wash them away.
But the one that stays for life, Are these aches and pains
Imprinted on my mind.


My heart feels scared, to put them to words
Only to hope that one day, you would realize
That you have marred me for life.


The courage and strength, feel hollow words to me
When I look at what you have become and where I stand today.


You are one of the big shots and I am still carving my lot.
Holding my marred heart and brain, In my hands, I walk around, to heal my pain.


But I am in a better place now, I know I am a better person now
Much better than what you were and you are
Because, you taught me, a valuable lesson of life
You told me, what I shouldn’t become.

Make Love not War


Life they say has a meaning, a purpose to fulfill.

 Help the one in need, feed the starved

Nurse the wounded, Is what makes this

Life worth living.

Compassion for others, Infuses peace at last.

Brings a smile, To a dejected heart.

 Kindness for others, has a healing power

Can win wars, for it never starts one.

So love my friend, Love this life

And all its being.

For its love, that defines the mankind

When everything else goes blind.

Dreams of War

This dream of yours
Is a war
That you fight everyday
With bruised hands and
battered heart.
Your eyesStarved_child
Beholds the truth
Of the souls you murdered
And the bodies you killed.
The cosmic stars,
The heavenly bodies,
Do nothing to you
Mean nothing to you.
The truth lies
In your starved mouth,
And the your naked body.
Without guilt and confessions
You kill this dream.
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