Sail on this River

I hope you fight till darkness turns to light
Have a sense to stand out wrong from right
And when the storm comes, you don’t avoid
But you go out and dance till it dies

I hope the child in you lives forever
You find your friends and play out the sadness together
And when its time to say goodbye, you say your prayers
Wish them happiness and sail on the river

I hope you appreciate your presence in this world
Treat everyone with love and respect
Remember, kindness and sympathy is what brings joy
Money is temporary , just a scam- a ploy

Save the Superman

I was flying up high
Across the seven seas and countless skies


Hoping one day the roles would change
And once, just for once I am not saving
But I am saved.
Under this red cape is a strong heart
But am as vulnerable as you are
I am there for you I have always been
But no one has been there
 when it was time to save me

You can’t fix everything

Take what you can
Leave what you can
For not everything is meant
To be fixed in your run


Some scars are better left open
Don’t rush them
Don’t push them
It is time that is better than you
It is time-the best healer
Let it run its run

All you can do
Is share the pain
Lower the burden
And dance together

Dance in the rain

Stop Bullying

You look at me, Like I am weak-a fragile piece
You ignore my voice and turn away
Only to come back, To kick me on my guts and call me names.


I am nothing to you, But mere names and tags
A gay,  a lesbian, a  girl, a punk, a geek, a weirdo and a slut
To you I am a dead toy, A piece of meat without life
You play with me by torturing me.


I stay down on the ground, battered and tethered
My face cupped in my hands, covered in your spit and my blood
I feel like worthless piece, unable to stand.


You never cared to understand, that these bruises and the spit stains
I can wash them away.
But the one that stays for life, Are these aches and pains
Imprinted on my mind.


My heart feels scared, to put them to words
Only to hope that one day, you would realize
That you have marred me for life.


The courage and strength, feel hollow words to me
When I look at what you have become and where I stand today.


You are one of the big shots and I am still carving my lot.
Holding my marred heart and brain, In my hands, I walk around, to heal my pain.


But I am in a better place now, I know I am a better person now
Much better than what you were and you are
Because, you taught me, a valuable lesson of life
You told me, what I shouldn’t become.

A beautiful journey


None can claim, None can say
That they have never had a bad day

Sometimes, It might not be easy
To smile always and feel happy

But the beauty about time
Is that it never stays the same
Happy is one who enjoys  both the sun and the rain

Its all a phase and just keep faith
by definition it is meant to fade

Good days or bad days are nothing but milestones
Carved on the road of life

Stay a while at each of them, enjoy the journey
and don’t mourn the load

A road worth travelling

The heartache and pain
the routine of it
happening over and over again

Is not new anymore
is not sad anymore
It is part of this life
and now I enjoy it ever more

A learning curve
they said
comes along
and it has been some curve
believe me

It has been worth it though
no matter how tough and hard
the road has been
it has been a worth travelling on

Bring these walls down

These walls that stand between you and me
of broken bricks, red and crimson
of copper and brass, of steel and iron.

To you it is a sense of security
a guarantee of safety, from the world outside
from me whom you think of as your enemy.

But it is not me, who is your enemy.
It is these walls itself.
They blocked me from your life and
you never looked at me, nor in my eyes.

But here lies the history.
In the end these walls fall.
They have always caved in.
The bravest of all, the strongest of all.
They all give in, to the test of times.

The slapping of winds, the rust of rain
break it, make it fragile.
May be it is the nature’s way of telling you a story,
that these walls that you erected, between you and me
are meant to perish, like you and me.

And what remains when we are gone
Is nothing but the hostility and insecurity
that persists and permeates
through these walls into the lives of
our coming generations

You may block my vision
and I may not see you
but my thoughts can’t be chained
I think of you as my brother
I think of you as my friend

So my friend, I plea to you
break it down, bring it down
piece by piece, or just blow it all at once.
But just try to let the light of goodness
pass through these walls,
from your world to mine.

Because I know for sure
that there lies a pureness in you
the same goodness, that you were born with
Only somehow, the world took its toll
on that good heart of yours.

Humanity has flourished
and cultures have thrived
when these walls were broken
and melted into ashes
of dust and iron

So, let me see you eye to eye
help me, let you see what I hold
within this heart of mine.
There is no animosity, no bitterness.
All I have for you is pure love my brother.

The fear

The feeling of not knowing
Kills my brain

My brain is like an old chair
Bent and hunched
brown and rusted at the bottom
Standing alone in one corner of the room
About to collapse soon

I Sit at my desk and stare outside the
Wall sized bay windows
I often like to look at the sky
Than the city itself

Sometimes have to work real hard
To see the sky
That hides amidst the concrete trees

I tell myself, I am loosing it
Loosing it big time.

My biggest fear you ask;
Is that I might die without
Meaning something in the world

The thought haunted me
First when I was a kid
And at thirty it still persists

Sonho Dourado- Golden Dream

These dreams that I see
Is nothing but glimpses of you and me
Some consists
Us walking hand in hand
Together on a beach

Some are just plain talking
Building memories
By plucking some from past
And weaving some for future

After work when I get home
The random talks and conversations
That I get to do with you
I look forward to them everyday

You tell me your story
And I listen
I tell you mine
And you listen

And during these conversations
I look up and see your eyes
They brighten my heart
All the time

This is my Sonho Dourado
And you are part of it
In every which way

I could ask for

This Land of Opportunity

Land of Opportunity

I came down here with hopes and dreams
Or I think it was rather a blank mind
I was following the sheep

Never really in life was it clear to me
What I wanted for me?
The life has been a routine till date
Same mornings, same nights
Like a theatrical act
That has been rehearsed
Thousand times.

As the metal bird descended
On this part of the world
I saw a sky never as orange as here
The hint of red and blue
Shining, shimmering under the evening sun

The air so clear, I was scared
I might pollute it with my breath
I held my breath for a while
Imbibed the excitement and then
Let go of it.

This was the land of opportunity
The land of dreams
The land to become my home
For life and eternity

As I became it and it very happily adopted me
The human mind played its role
And I started missing my family
Back home.

There came a point, when I was miserable
Clueless of my identity
Where do I belong?

The land where I was born
The land where I found myself

The confusion is strong
That it still exists in me
Within me like a serpent
Rolled around a sandalwood tree

It chokes me sometimes
Sometimes frees me
And all I do is follow the sheep
In this land of opportunity

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