Blood runs through veins

It is becoming a habit, And we do not even realize

The cycle comes back and repeats itself
Where I collapse and you collapse
And we loose our sanity.

The throwing of things, And the banging of head
Are the middle act of, What starts with arguments
And ends in tears.

Nothing has changed at all, And each time the history is still involved.

The apologies held no meaning, Of the incomprehensible mistakes.

Wonder how long we keep repeating it , Or let it get rooted in our brains
Run like blood, Through our veins

And just live like nothing happened,
Like it is normal to live this way, Forget what the world has to say

It is our story anyway, We define and sketch it
The way we want it.

Ghost in Necropolis

Where have you gone
I have longed so long for your embrace.
It has been a while, we haven’t met
either day or night.
Now, I am wide awake
and it’s been seven days

I long for your touch – invisible and silent
that I never felt a thing,
every single time you decided
to slowly, secretly enter my mind
and numb my eyes, just like gravity.

I long for those windows you opened for me
every night without fail,
to a land of mystery, fantasy
ecstasy and audacity.
Sometimes I am an actor in it
and sometimes I am a mere spectator.

I don’t know why you have abandoned me
my eyes are swollen with gory river streams
flowing in them incessantly,
running like roots of a banyan tree
unfurled in all directions, adorned with blood.

Come back soon, as soon as you can
I am a ghost, living in life
like a dead in necropolis.

Lets Make Love

There is no way I can make this right
with so many arguments everyday
and so many fights

Seems like a regular agenda
feels like a routine
happening every fortnight

Why do we do this?
I can’t understand
I don’t know
where we stand

This thing called relation
is out of my possession
unable to hold on
unable to grip on

Everyone think I am a mess
this brain is possessed
I am not sure what they mean
as they seem same to me

All i know is it hurts
hurts more than a bullet
the heart is pierced
and is leaking blood

So baby just stop
stop this violence of mind
lets make love
and leave things behind

Weakness not for me

A random moment to get inspire

blood and sweat

we perspire


Highlands, valleys and oceans

overpowering our will

is out of notion


Burn out , run out

carry the flame

failure is an idea

and no shame


Pain is body saying its weak

fist an iron

for it doesn’t know

weakness is not for me



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