The Shadow

Kill me, stab me, rip me apart
Try hard, then harder
To get rid of me


When you were born, I was born
Together we were meant to be.

Till death do us part
You are me and I am you
Forever and ever, Just like eternity.

You know my pain
I like have never known
There are plenty of secrets
That you hold.

Have shouldered me through
Times of tides
Have given me a place
To hide.

I stay afloat

I feel like

I am falling

Day by day

Down the tunnel

Of hope

With each mile

It gets tougher and tougher

And no light to be seen

Yet something within

Keeps me afloat

The radiance of it

Lights that tunnel

Of Hope

The breath becomes heavy

And the sweat rolls down

The gravity plays its role

But somehow I am yet to reach

My rock bottom

And I manage to stay afloat

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