Broken Arrow

The moment you left me I felt broken from that moment on.
I looked for you all around, but tired I fell on my face
only to kiss the ground.
I was with you all along, took part in your battles
be it dusk, be it dawn.
Some of those battles were my own, where I struggled hard
to stay along.
I did not complain about those struggles of mine
and held on tight to the string.
Knowing you held me tight in your fingertips, I felt I belonged to you
I was safe and I was part of you.
But with no time lapse you released me, I did not want to
but you let me go.
And now broken I lay down on the ground
counting my last breath, I think of the moments
when you held me and touched me
told me I was your best bet.

The house where we grew up

The house where we grew up
I saw it yesterday
was all broken and tethered

The trees of the courtyard
turned into ashes
the bricks red and maroon
now lay broken

The staircase to terrace
were once our path to heaven
when we slept under the stars
of the night wide open

Now they are nothing
but an old man’s spine
weak and broken

What happened here
none can explain
the broken well, the broken lamp
the shattered pavement
all complain

They ask me one thing
and one thing only
why did I leave
when they needed me

Brain Plug…

(Inspired from different dialogues 
situations seen and handled)

A dying entity
housed within wrecked walls
feeble, weak and broken apart
this brain is fu**ed up
and no one can restart

Once a a piece of flesh
and nerves of creativity
Now a a dead meat in its coffin
sleeping silently.

Waiting to be born again
like a Phoenix from ashes
wondering how much the body can take
when it is in eighties

So much for the will power
a debate of mind versus brain
but crazy heart,
lives in a different domain

When do I give you the permission
to pull my brain plug
I am still breathing, feeling the pain
needless to say, I am still living.
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