This Land of Opportunity

Land of Opportunity

I came down here with hopes and dreams
Or I think it was rather a blank mind
I was following the sheep

Never really in life was it clear to me
What I wanted for me?
The life has been a routine till date
Same mornings, same nights
Like a theatrical act
That has been rehearsed
Thousand times.

As the metal bird descended
On this part of the world
I saw a sky never as orange as here
The hint of red and blue
Shining, shimmering under the evening sun

The air so clear, I was scared
I might pollute it with my breath
I held my breath for a while
Imbibed the excitement and then
Let go of it.

This was the land of opportunity
The land of dreams
The land to become my home
For life and eternity

As I became it and it very happily adopted me
The human mind played its role
And I started missing my family
Back home.

There came a point, when I was miserable
Clueless of my identity
Where do I belong?

The land where I was born
The land where I found myself

The confusion is strong
That it still exists in me
Within me like a serpent
Rolled around a sandalwood tree

It chokes me sometimes
Sometimes frees me
And all I do is follow the sheep
In this land of opportunity

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