Even if I am only a Memory

Remember this day , my love
As I hold you, For eternity


As this light fades, Into darkness
You are all I take, With me.
 I’ll be here in your heart
And live with you forever as a memory.
Whenever you will need me
I will still hold your hands.
Watch sunsets and sunrises
And dance in the rains.
Sit on park benches
Surrounded by daffodils and lilies.
Remember me even when I am gone
Even if I am just a memory.

The Shadow

Kill me, stab me, rip me apart
Try hard, then harder
To get rid of me


When you were born, I was born
Together we were meant to be.

Till death do us part
You are me and I am you
Forever and ever, Just like eternity.

You know my pain
I like have never known
There are plenty of secrets
That you hold.

Have shouldered me through
Times of tides
Have given me a place
To hide.

Storm of Death

We don’t understand the spoken words
let alone reading minds
We exist but do not live
this relation is eclipsed

Once that lit bright and shine
lay aside resigned
in a conrer of this dark hearth
next to ashes and dust
choked for breath

We see each other
but its more like looking at
we hear each other
but its nothing like listening

Its like rain with no water
wind with no air
flower with no colors
we exist but do not live

Are we dead now?
what happend here?
the burning flame of passion
is blown away in this life’s storm

You are Branded

Life they say is what you make of it, what do you do when you are grieving
You know for sure that; smile and the world smile with you
grief and you grief alone

What happens when there is contentness
in grieving, in pain, in all the suffering you go through
You know you are scared, of tainting happiness
hence you leave happiness alone

You live in dejection, in dispirited heart
Enjoy the pain it causes you , it brings out the best of art in you
you live with smile on your face, for the world to see
and keep the innerself unkown

You think what’s the point, in revealing what’s within
when on earth has this helped anyone
there exists more detractors, more who brand you as negative thinker
but you still hang on to them, and don’t disown

They are all you got, in the world that don’t get you
the place, the time all such variables
exist to give your presence a meaning
little they know, that you have already
defined yourself, already carved the path
for the past and the future you have already sown

You appreciate both sides of the world
your range of emotional experience surpasses theirs
They pretend that they are happy, they pretend that they are content
and it marks the death of their progress, because the true happiness
this pretense has never known

YOu are what you are, you did not ask for lord to be this way
you take it, deal with it, and make the best out of it
just because you are down, doesn’t mean you are not happy
As what is happiness if not a hint of sadness
You value both sides of the coin, and none of these emotions
you have outgrown.

A little Prayer

A daily prayer
silent and quiet
standing solitary in
the shrine

bowed my head
and joined my hands
kneeled to you
almighty god

thanked you for land beaneath
and for sky above
the air I breathe
the world I see
surrounded by
friends and family

The wisdon bestowed
the knowledge gained
I owe to you
every speck of my soul

Stay with me till the end
guide me on this path
of life and death

Till Death Do us Part

I travelled the path of mine
you travelled the road of yours
unfazed, unknown we were
that this path will become ours.

You were playing somewhere, with your friends
running in barren fields, barefoot till sun set.

I did the same, wandered aimlessly
from dawn till dusk, with my pals and buddies

You had a routine, so did I.
school, play, study is what we both did.

Those were teens.

We stepped in college, had all the fun we could gather,
graduated searched for job, behaved grown up

Generically, treaded the same path
from begining, but still never saw
each other, never heard
never felt for that matter

Never in my wildest, thought.
I thought of your existence
and here I am next to you
holding hands, till the end.

And now, we begin this journey
together for the rest of our life
till death do us part, we live and breathe
same heart beat.

A Farmer’s story

Monsoon is late
no water to irrigate.
the seeds are fragile
and they can’t wait.


My children are hungry
three days straight.
They haven’t see any
food in their plate.

The cattle is dead
foul smell permeate.
crows and vultures
feast and celebrate.

I have no assets to trade
All I am left with is
non quantifiable rage.

I ask you Almighty
what about this life
I should appreciate?

The rich abominate,
the seasons berate.
no one is here to help
and cooperate.

All I can think is
death as my fate.


Little Potion of Death

And I can't explain
this feeling in my head
that spreads through my heart
when I see you moon draped
lying on my bed.

The craziness of time,seems to stop
when you place your lips on mine
kiss me and say goodbye
ripping my heart apart
no matter how hard I try.

I give myself the benefit of doubt
that you love me, and would continue.
but I can tell you this for sure
that you still take my breath away
every time "I love you" when you say.

When you look at me
there is something about the way you do it
silent smile, stabs this heart like a dagger
and I lay rip open in your arms
with my heart fractured.

Truth beholds, that you and I
are just moment, the figment
the imagination.
The dream that I knit
when I first saw you.
A dream, a sweet little potion of death.
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