my wonderland

Unlimited dreams
of here and there
wandering mind everywhere

of redwoods and meadows
of grasslands and seas
across the oceans
in wind and breeze

of sun shining
and rain with rainbow
of cattle mooing
and birds chirping

Am I high or Am I really dreaming
where on earth is this place to be found
or wait.. just wait
I know it is in my brain

Sonho Dourado- Golden Dream

These dreams that I see
Is nothing but glimpses of you and me
Some consists
Us walking hand in hand
Together on a beach

Some are just plain talking
Building memories
By plucking some from past
And weaving some for future

After work when I get home
The random talks and conversations
That I get to do with you
I look forward to them everyday

You tell me your story
And I listen
I tell you mine
And you listen

And during these conversations
I look up and see your eyes
They brighten my heart
All the time

This is my Sonho Dourado
And you are part of it
In every which way

I could ask for

Our Milestones

when I was alone
and you were alone
we travelled these roads
by ourselves
and had our own milestones

I did not know yours
you did not know mine
we were seperate entity
unknown of our existence

They were different milestones
we traveled those roads
in different directions
in different time and different zones

Who you were, who I was
I did not know
you did not know

but down the line
when our paths crossed
and we became one
we decided to travel the same road
call it the road of dreams
the road of hope

Everyday we work together
work hard
to lay a solid foundation
to dream without being scared
open our wings to new world
and define our coming milestones

Dream On

Dream On,
this is what we were meant to do
build bridges, skyscrapers
a beautiful symphony

Day or night
doesn’t matter
take pride in your body
love what you do
enjoy the humanity

Dream on
this life of yours
was meant to be beautiful
no rest till
it gets
whatever is its purpose

Look at the sun
the halo around it
the aura of stars
they shine
just for you

Dream on
because when you take the last breath
you will think of nothing more important
but these dreams that you weaved
when you were growing up
count the ones that got fulfilled
and the ones that
still exist in your “TO-Do” list

Little Potion of Death

And I can't explain
this feeling in my head
that spreads through my heart
when I see you moon draped
lying on my bed.

The craziness of time,seems to stop
when you place your lips on mine
kiss me and say goodbye
ripping my heart apart
no matter how hard I try.

I give myself the benefit of doubt
that you love me, and would continue.
but I can tell you this for sure
that you still take my breath away
every time "I love you" when you say.

When you look at me
there is something about the way you do it
silent smile, stabs this heart like a dagger
and I lay rip open in your arms
with my heart fractured.

Truth beholds, that you and I
are just moment, the figment
the imagination.
The dream that I knit
when I first saw you.
A dream, a sweet little potion of death.
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