You are the smile on my face
You are my beautiful days
You are the curtain swaying in wind
You are the fragrance of summer in my mind

The mist on the ocean is you
The red in the rose is you
The wrinkles on my bed is you
The maroon on my lips is you

You are the golden eyes under the sun
You are the green grass on my shirt
You are the bed-sheet on my chest
You are the shoulder on which I rest

The pillows on sofa is you
The pictures on the wall is you
The flower vase with lilies is you
The hammock in the balcony is you

You are the air I breathe
You are the dreams I saw at night
You are the light when I am low
You are the love I did not know

And now that I have found you, I am all you.

I am in heaven

You came into my dreams, the night I lay asleep

On your heart and your arms

Wrapped around me

You whispered your love, into my ears

And I opened my eyes , to find myself in heaven

Dreams of War

This dream of yours
Is a war
That you fight everyday
With bruised hands and
battered heart.
Your eyesStarved_child
Beholds the truth
Of the souls you murdered
And the bodies you killed.
The cosmic stars,
The heavenly bodies,
Do nothing to you
Mean nothing to you.
The truth lies
In your starved mouth,
And the your naked body.
Without guilt and confessions
You kill this dream.

Dreams and Reality

When dreams and reality amalgamate

It is nothing short of
seeing the world for the first time
like stargazing under clear night sky
when moon is lit round and bright
and stars shine

When they blend
the purpose comes true
it is crystal clear like it never was
this life, this path that we travel
all of a sudden
everything just makes sense

The integration is heavenly
it is that feeling
that particular one
in which heart beats real fast
everything is worth believing

The Fire Within

There is this fire inside of you
burning mountains of hope
that keeps your dreams alive

When it is contained it pains
aches this heart and chokes
your windpipe

When it is out of you
it is overwhelming
You lose direction
don’t know where you are going

So what do you do?
live with it and learn
everyday, with every breath of yours
You try to comprehend

The power you possess
the strength and the steel
you contain

Hoping one day
that you would be able to channel
this fire in a direction
that would free you
give you wings to soar
in the sky, high up high.


That night when I cuddled with you
spoke about your happy memories
the sad days and personal stories

You let me in your heart, into your life
shared with me those stories, you had kept secret
from the world, all this while

For all this while, you spoke to none
but when you shared them with me
you made me feel THE ONE

You said you are not scared of me
based on the scars on your chest
you know I won’t judge you
for the ones that I see, the ones that rest in peace

You brought me in your life, promised me the love
that will never last, We spent the night together
relived our past, weaved dreams for future

My Angel

Blessed I am to having found you, I was deep in my sleep

unknown of you .


Flying through skies in my dreams, you arrived

and when I opened them eyes, I saw you on my bedside


You took the heap of faith, and came down to this place

where no angles have ever flown

But Its all love for me you have shown.


You said, you are here to stay, to love me, to hold my hand

in sickness and health, till death do us part.


Nomadic Heart

Wandering across skies with no doubt
swimming in cotton clouds
staring at the stars
is my nomadic heart

A moment here and a moment there
I find myself everywhere
engulfing every moment with no discard
is my nomadic heart

Sews my dreams and my desires
with melody of a choir
strumming guitar on lush green yard
is my nomadic heart

A day in Paris or Rome
or a home away from home
a moment we can stop and stay
is what I say, to my nomadic heart.

How long do you intend to wander?
think about the miles we have covered.
Where else do you want to go?
No place left that to you I can show

We have been together
in each endeavor
It's time you stop and settle
With your dreams, my bones can't wrestle

O! my heart, a nomadic heart
let's just stay together this night
I know the end is here now
and I feel weak and fragile


Dreams Unlimited


Dreams unlimited, live so far…far away

eyes wide open I see them

closed fisted, I  try to hold them

and ask them to stay



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