You are Branded

Life they say is what you make of it, what do you do when you are grieving
You know for sure that; smile and the world smile with you
grief and you grief alone

What happens when there is contentness
in grieving, in pain, in all the suffering you go through
You know you are scared, of tainting happiness
hence you leave happiness alone

You live in dejection, in dispirited heart
Enjoy the pain it causes you , it brings out the best of art in you
you live with smile on your face, for the world to see
and keep the innerself unkown

You think what’s the point, in revealing what’s within
when on earth has this helped anyone
there exists more detractors, more who brand you as negative thinker
but you still hang on to them, and don’t disown

They are all you got, in the world that don’t get you
the place, the time all such variables
exist to give your presence a meaning
little they know, that you have already
defined yourself, already carved the path
for the past and the future you have already sown

You appreciate both sides of the world
your range of emotional experience surpasses theirs
They pretend that they are happy, they pretend that they are content
and it marks the death of their progress, because the true happiness
this pretense has never known

YOu are what you are, you did not ask for lord to be this way
you take it, deal with it, and make the best out of it
just because you are down, doesn’t mean you are not happy
As what is happiness if not a hint of sadness
You value both sides of the coin, and none of these emotions
you have outgrown.

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