Like a song in repeat

We yell we fight, We make up, We hug tight.

At times we smile and at times we cry

We collect these moments in a jar

And seal it up tight.

Only to come back to it,

Just like a song in repeat.

But each time we yell and each time we fight

We grow close to each other.

I don’t know how and I find it hard to explain

But feels like we fall in love all over again.

Dreams of War

This dream of yours
Is a war
That you fight everyday
With bruised hands and
battered heart.
Your eyesStarved_child
Beholds the truth
Of the souls you murdered
And the bodies you killed.
The cosmic stars,
The heavenly bodies,
Do nothing to you
Mean nothing to you.
The truth lies
In your starved mouth,
And the your naked body.
Without guilt and confessions
You kill this dream.
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