I am in heaven

You came into my dreams, the night I lay asleep

On your heart and your arms

Wrapped around me

You whispered your love, into my ears

And I opened my eyes , to find myself in heaven

Rusty Heart

During the times of mistrust
Even the strongest of the lot, Gives away and falls to dust.


Standing under the sun and feeling the rain-the shiny rain,
Feels  nothing but darkness caving deep down.
Each drop, pierces through the iron like bullets and mites,
choking its neck and eating the heart away.
And finally, the iron clad heart is eaten up,
Beaten to death by  sheet of  golden rust.

Dreams of War

This dream of yours
Is a war
That you fight everyday
With bruised hands and
battered heart.
Your eyesStarved_child
Beholds the truth
Of the souls you murdered
And the bodies you killed.
The cosmic stars,
The heavenly bodies,
Do nothing to you
Mean nothing to you.
The truth lies
In your starved mouth,
And the your naked body.
Without guilt and confessions
You kill this dream.

Go back to the place this heart belongs

Go back
Go back to those
Whom you left
Long time ago

To the two bedroom house
Where you lived and made memories, all along

To the balcony
Where every morning, during the winter season
Your father sat reading the newspaper
His white hair, glowed like a unicorn’s tail
And you stood behind him, patiently waiting
Waiting for him, to finish the sports section.

To the sofa of your living room
Which was your bed, for most part of your childhood
On which with your left hand behind your head
Forming a pillow and with your legs stretched
You laid for hours with remote on your right hand
Switching between channels, Every other minute
Ignoring the beautiful yet angry voice
Coming from the kitchen and falling into your ears
“The food is getting cold”
“Go to the market, there is no sugar in the house”
“What am I going to do with this child of mine?”
And you smiled, the most pure of a smile
you just smiled

To the study table
That belonged to you and only you
The mysteries it held and the secrets you buried
And locked in its bottom drawers
Some were part of your childhood imagery
and some formed your adulthood fantasies

To the woman you knew
Before you knew a woman at all
A selfless human being in a true sense.
No favors done, no favors given
It was all out of pure love and nothing at all
On seeing you return from school everyday
The glow of her heart, showed on her face
Her eyes said that you were gone for ever
When you were gone only for few hours.

To the friends you have left behind
Who were more than friends to you back then
Some confidantes and some accomplices
Some a savior, a messiah
and Some a shoulder to cry on.
They were your own, Your treasures that you never bought
No relation by blood, but yet stronger beyond imagination

Go back to them
You foolish and lonely man
What have you got here? Why are you here?
Ask not these questions, But answer them for me
And when you cannot find it easy to answer
Remember, all it means is that
It is time to leave.

And that you should have left, a long time ago.
When your father couldn’t read any more
When your mother couldn’t say your name at all
When your friends forgot you existed some million years ago
And when the balcony, the sofa, the study table
All of your formidable treasures
Got lost in the dust of these million years,
You should have left, you should have gone back.

Go back,
for the memories are still intact
Go back,
for the missing piece of your heart
Go back,
to the place where this heart still belongs.

Good Bye

The acoustics of the day you left
Rings in my mind
Day and night
When to each other we said
Good Bye

No rain drops, rolled through eyes
No yelling, no cursing,
Promised no back biting
No regrets, no hard feelings
We decided to keep it amicable
The way we departed

Took sips of love and kiss
From each others
Dry, parched lips

The throat was choked
And the heart was confused
But we had to go
Different routes

Destiny had us only this far
Beyond lived nothing but dark
So we said good bye to each other

Took a drink of love and sadness
Recollected the memories spent
And we said good bye to each other

The lingering memories of you I hold
Deep inside in a chest that’s old
Like a dying man sleeping in peace in his coffin
I lay here quietly, recollecting those memories
Like I am enslaved by them
Wanna let go of them
But I am still living.

Lost In Translation

lost in translation, this feeling of mine
you hear what I don’t say
our words,fail to align

But I survive, and you survive
this relation, is still alive

Still spent together these, random moments
still shared our thoughts, with heart wide open.

Day by day we grew old, aching heart and body fold
but our love my dear we never sold
instead, held on, grabbed on
to this world we owned.

Lets Make Love

There is no way I can make this right
with so many arguments everyday
and so many fights

Seems like a regular agenda
feels like a routine
happening every fortnight

Why do we do this?
I can’t understand
I don’t know
where we stand

This thing called relation
is out of my possession
unable to hold on
unable to grip on

Everyone think I am a mess
this brain is possessed
I am not sure what they mean
as they seem same to me

All i know is it hurts
hurts more than a bullet
the heart is pierced
and is leaking blood

So baby just stop
stop this violence of mind
lets make love
and leave things behind

An Angel Flew Away

You stole my heart
in broad day light

Your hair, your eyes
left me mesmerized

I felt your heartbeat
you felt mine

and in that moment
our dreams collide

You walked towards me
I stood still

YOu touched my hand
I had chills

You spoke into my ears
and I felt your breath

I couldn’t say a word
nor could express

I closed my eyes
to capture your image forever

Opened and saw your were gone
without a goodbye

Spoken words

You left tonight
with spoken words
and feelings unsaid

the untouched skin
and broken heart
hard to mend.

Blisters on my heart
got worse and worse
when I thought about
all that you said.

The cold heart, turned stone
as I kept waiting for years
near my tele-phone.

How long do I wait?
to hear back from you
Should I consider an end and accept the fate?
Or should I just carry on at this state?

Brain Plug…

(Inspired from different dialogues 
situations seen and handled)

A dying entity
housed within wrecked walls
feeble, weak and broken apart
this brain is fu**ed up
and no one can restart

Once a a piece of flesh
and nerves of creativity
Now a a dead meat in its coffin
sleeping silently.

Waiting to be born again
like a Phoenix from ashes
wondering how much the body can take
when it is in eighties

So much for the will power
a debate of mind versus brain
but crazy heart,
lives in a different domain

When do I give you the permission
to pull my brain plug
I am still breathing, feeling the pain
needless to say, I am still living.
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