A beautiful journey


None can claim, None can say
That they have never had a bad day

Sometimes, It might not be easy
To smile always and feel happy

But the beauty about time
Is that it never stays the same
Happy is one who enjoys  both the sun and the rain

Its all a phase and just keep faith
by definition it is meant to fade

Good days or bad days are nothing but milestones
Carved on the road of life

Stay a while at each of them, enjoy the journey
and don’t mourn the load

The Path I Travel…

As I grew and aged, I became more aware, of the world around me and it’s complex affairs.
I learnt to analyze, reason out things, rationale what life brings.
The process corrupted my mind, I lost the flavor and zest of a child.
Complexities burnt my hands, as I followed life’s command.
The tenderness turned into callous, and teens were disastrous.
The innocence, the simplicity and the art of forgiving, all gone in a whip of time and real me went missing.
Now at this stage of life, I am confused. Should I regret and walk bruised?
Or if there is still a hope, to change the road.
Doubts and misgivings rule this mind, and nothing is properly aligned.
Only comfort is, when I sit back and pen down, in search of words that were lost and never found.
Writing gives me immense satisfaction, takes my mind away from all distraction.
Unfazed of the idea what they might say, would they agree or would it be nay.
But it’s alright, it is my life, the path I travel alone, the path I define.
Come along on the journey, if you want, respect each other and become confidant.

SCARS.. My Scars

My scars are my own
they are story of my success
the path I tread
and the path I chose

They complete me
make me feel content
They helped me chose my battle
and I gave my 100 percent

These are souvenirs
I won and collected
Helped me become an adult
And heart and soul I invested

These are my scars
remembrance of the journey I enjoyed
the life I lived
and its moments I rejoiced.

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