Sail on this River

I hope you fight till darkness turns to light
Have a sense to stand out wrong from right
And when the storm comes, you don’t avoid
But you go out and dance till it dies

I hope the child in you lives forever
You find your friends and play out the sadness together
And when its time to say goodbye, you say your prayers
Wish them happiness and sail on the river

I hope you appreciate your presence in this world
Treat everyone with love and respect
Remember, kindness and sympathy is what brings joy
Money is temporary , just a scam- a ploy

An Act of Kindness

I have been thinking a lot now a days. I am thirty and I have not done anything for others.  I mean, with god’s grace, I have everything I need. Air in my lungs, nice pair of running legs, regular paycheck and above all my loving family and friends. But the life has been always “About me”.

So I started to think the ways by which I can help others. I mean thirty years is a good time span to have done something for others in need. I don’t claim to become a social worker, mother Teresa or something of that stature but just an act of kindness is a good path to walk on.


Here are three act of kindness that everyone can easily do without having to complain about time, energy and money needed to do it because these seriously cost nothing.

  1. Feed the needy with TO-GO foodIf you are full, don’t leave the food on your plate to go as a waste. Get a to-go box. and on your way back to home/work, you can give it to someone in need.
  2. Donate your clothes: Donate your old, not so needed, warm clothes to charities like Goodwill, Red Cross, etc. You can help someone go through the winters comfortably.
  3. Act of Assortment: If you think, that those pair of eyes sitting outside places like: Starbucks and Chipotle, in tethered clothes, holding a sign “Anything Helps” can enjoy the coffee as much as you are enjoying, you can buy them too. It doesn’t cost that much to buy a coffee. Or more so, what about those assorted cookies, or chocolate brownies. Do you not think, they would enjoy them as much as you if not more. Only thing is you can buy it but they cannot and probably, they have never had.

Your random act of kindness can bring a smile to someone’s face that can be sometimes be fulfilling beyond imagination. So go ahead do your act of kindness.

Make Love not War


Life they say has a meaning, a purpose to fulfill.

 Help the one in need, feed the starved

Nurse the wounded, Is what makes this

Life worth living.

Compassion for others, Infuses peace at last.

Brings a smile, To a dejected heart.

 Kindness for others, has a healing power

Can win wars, for it never starts one.

So love my friend, Love this life

And all its being.

For its love, that defines the mankind

When everything else goes blind.

Keys for happy relationship

Relationships are hard and there is  no two way about it. Ask around, look around, underneath all those happy faces, lies the blood and sweat of hard work. A foundation where each brick is a moment and is plastered by concrete of million emotions that mankind can carry.


Sometimes, it may seem the end of the world but there is always a silver lining. Here are TOP THREE factors that may help in having a rock solid relationship.

  1. Belief: When we get into a relation, it is all rosy and  rarely we think of time way ahead in future. But when the daily life kicks in, the idiosyncrasies starts to reveal themselves, it kind of kicks you in the gut. This is the time to just take a deep breath and remind yourself that  “you are in this for a long haul”. Life just re-arranges itself around you.
  2. Kindness: Be kind and express your feelings. Say “I love you” or “I am sorry”. Be thankful and courteous. Be respectful. In summary be kind to your partner. It heals, solves and pardons, amends, solidifies the relation.
  3. Let it go: Yes, you heard me. Sometimes, it might become hard to forgive and if it does and your ego kicks in and you find hard to forgive, don’t beat yourself on it. Just let it go. forget about it for a moment and when the time is right, you can bring it up and have a conversation out of it.

Inspired by

The innate trait of mankind

is giving and generous
be kindhearted and helpful
that's how we are known

Sometimes it is marred by greed
from wall street dealing with big bucks
to a household living on a slice of bread
hungry and unclothed, just out of luck

Sometimes it is defamed by wars
be it ancient
from Greeks to Roman
to Persians and Trojans

or be it contemporary
from Turkey to Syria
from Afghan to America

But at the end what holds true
is underlying character of mankind
to CARE for it's clans and residents

Time to time humility reigns
shows us what kindness can do
From Gandhi to Martin Luther to Mother Teresa
we are reminded of the deeds that holds the world
that basics of love and kindness still holds true.
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