Even if I am only a Memory

Remember this day , my love
As I hold you, For eternity


As this light fades, Into darkness
You are all I take, With me.
 I’ll be here in your heart
And live with you forever as a memory.
Whenever you will need me
I will still hold your hands.
Watch sunsets and sunrises
And dance in the rains.
Sit on park benches
Surrounded by daffodils and lilies.
Remember me even when I am gone
Even if I am just a memory.

The light

The light shining bright
In the dark
When stars and moon collide
Heaven upon earth
Is what it looks like

The lake in the wilderness
Dressed in blue and white
With a moon in the night sky
And a moon in it

The woods around
Feel so quiet and serene
Shimmering and shining
With fireflies
Like polka dots on a black blanket

As I sit on the edge of a lake
Cupped in the crater
Surrounded by majestic mountains
I want to close my eyes
And embrace the sanctity
Of this place

Engulf and imbibe
This memory forever
Of a bright starry night
With moon as a foxtrot
And whistling woods
As my music

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