Like a song in repeat

We yell we fight, We make up, We hug tight.

At times we smile and at times we cry

We collect these moments in a jar

And seal it up tight.

Only to come back to it,

Just like a song in repeat.

But each time we yell and each time we fight

We grow close to each other.

I don’t know how and I find it hard to explain

But feels like we fall in love all over again.

Broken Arrow

The moment you left me I felt broken from that moment on.
I looked for you all around, but tired I fell on my face
only to kiss the ground.
I was with you all along, took part in your battles
be it dusk, be it dawn.
Some of those battles were my own, where I struggled hard
to stay along.
I did not complain about those struggles of mine
and held on tight to the string.
Knowing you held me tight in your fingertips, I felt I belonged to you
I was safe and I was part of you.
But with no time lapse you released me, I did not want to
but you let me go.
And now broken I lay down on the ground
counting my last breath, I think of the moments
when you held me and touched me
told me I was your best bet.

Find Your Paradise

The purpose of life
Is too look beyond walls
The hurdles, the road blocks

Keep moving, running
As no good can come
From being dead at one place

Keep faith
Tides will offer opportunities
To find a beacon of hope
When you are stranded in an island

Learn from past
Even if it hurts
Don’t ignore it
There will come a point
When the hurtful past
Will metamorphose into a beautiful present

Look around
Take a breather
Life moves fast, real fast
Step out of your shell
and for a while, just for a while
look around

and stick with your choice
Most people falter because they are afraid to choose
The comfort that comes from not choosing
Not risking becomes detrimental for them
Without them knowing

One thing I know for sure
That there is no perfect time to wait for
Regret will come down the line
For a lot of things
But mainly for the things
You did not do
And not for the things you did

Find a friend
Feel closer to people
Empathize with their pain
And you will find your pain
Melt away

Live in the moment
Seek happiness in the moment
Come out of day dreaming
Enjoy your moments
And become part of a paradise
It is not a place
But a feeling
Of belonging, being part
Of a moment

Precious Moments

Lost in tribulations
those anger filled
dying moments

Once they were precious
and important
now lie dormant

Suffered enough you and me
this thing feels like a

the love so toxic
the silence so dead
like graveyard this place felt

Games we played
of yours and mine
this life always
felt like a lottery

Not you, not me
none of us won
but lost in tribulations
those precious moments

Lost In Translation

lost in translation, this feeling of mine
you hear what I don’t say
our words,fail to align

But I survive, and you survive
this relation, is still alive

Still spent together these, random moments
still shared our thoughts, with heart wide open.

Day by day we grew old, aching heart and body fold
but our love my dear we never sold
instead, held on, grabbed on
to this world we owned.

SCARS.. My Scars

My scars are my own
they are story of my success
the path I tread
and the path I chose

They complete me
make me feel content
They helped me chose my battle
and I gave my 100 percent

These are souvenirs
I won and collected
Helped me become an adult
And heart and soul I invested

These are my scars
remembrance of the journey I enjoyed
the life I lived
and its moments I rejoiced.

No Regrets

The happiest feeling

is a treasure

keep it hold it tight


Days get tough

moments harsh

everyday is a fight


Let tears roll down

churn and burn

it means you are still alive


Don’t regret the moment gone

present is what we live on

this is all life


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