Slip Away into the Night

Sometimes morning is not just about waking up
It’s an ordeal, it’s a nightmare.

Just like the one,  where you wake up and find yourself
In the middle of an ocean.
Fighting for each breath, you give out SOS, but its all in vain.

There is no savior, you are on your own
There is this voice that resonates in your head
But to let it out, you are too scared.

You don’t want to be called crazy,
There is already enough name tags you hold.

All you want to do is slip away in to the night.

You don’t understand, why do you have to get up.
Sun tries hard to pull you out of the bed
But you don’t want to get up when your brain is dead.

You stare outside the window for hours and hours
And see these people passing by:  some strangers some known.

You try to figure out, if they feel the same
Or this “dead-brain” is only your thing to claim.

And you sit with your knees touching your heart
Tucked in bed sheet, feeling invisible to time
You wait patiently, for each hour to pass.
And time mocks you on your face.
Take its sweet time, travels in its own pace.

The light

The light shining bright
In the dark
When stars and moon collide
Heaven upon earth
Is what it looks like

The lake in the wilderness
Dressed in blue and white
With a moon in the night sky
And a moon in it

The woods around
Feel so quiet and serene
Shimmering and shining
With fireflies
Like polka dots on a black blanket

As I sit on the edge of a lake
Cupped in the crater
Surrounded by majestic mountains
I want to close my eyes
And embrace the sanctity
Of this place

Engulf and imbibe
This memory forever
Of a bright starry night
With moon as a foxtrot
And whistling woods
As my music

The house where we grew up

The house where we grew up
I saw it yesterday
was all broken and tethered

The trees of the courtyard
turned into ashes
the bricks red and maroon
now lay broken

The staircase to terrace
were once our path to heaven
when we slept under the stars
of the night wide open

Now they are nothing
but an old man’s spine
weak and broken

What happened here
none can explain
the broken well, the broken lamp
the shattered pavement
all complain

They ask me one thing
and one thing only
why did I leave
when they needed me


That night when I cuddled with you
spoke about your happy memories
the sad days and personal stories

You let me in your heart, into your life
shared with me those stories, you had kept secret
from the world, all this while

For all this while, you spoke to none
but when you shared them with me
you made me feel THE ONE

You said you are not scared of me
based on the scars on your chest
you know I won’t judge you
for the ones that I see, the ones that rest in peace

You brought me in your life, promised me the love
that will never last, We spent the night together
relived our past, weaved dreams for future

Unsolicited Blame

She told me I am dead inside
the side of mine that
laid quite tonight

I did not get what she meant
the heart still there
with love hundered percent

I asked, what’s wrong sweetheart
she said she smell someone else’s
perfume on my favorite shirt

Don’t be absurd and silly
I asked her to come closer
for a hug baby

The night we spent in each other’s arms
saw the moon all spent
and sun rise behind the barn

Later that day, I found her talking
to some on the phone
behind close doors, secretly

And so it ended, this story of my love
She blamed me, for the things
She had done

Was up Whole night

When I saw you leave
I drank my pain
with a bottle of gin
was up whole night
till the night was dim

Sun woke up
burnt my face
as I laid on the couch
with my mouth dry
and that feeling I hate

I laid on the sofa
for the day
called sick at work
switched channels on TV
and got some more drunk

I waited and waited for you to call
that never happend
I realized you meant it
when you said you were leaving me

This place aint no home
the bed is bed of thorns
the heart is a mess
and is bleeding inside

The other day, when I saw you
smile stretched my face
for the first time
in a long time
I felt different inside

the moment was short
shorter than a second
when you hugged that man
and placed a kiss on his lips
as you held his hand

So I drank some more of my pain
with a bottle of gin
was up many more nights
only this time
till my breath was dim.

Under Starry Night


When the sun goes down

and sand shine

And I tuck you in my arms

under this golden sky


Through the quietness in the air

I feel those unspoken words

the ones you haven’t said yet

but I always wanted to hear


I can’t explain this feeling now

what have you done to me

all i do is think and wish for 

many more moments like these


I can sing you songs

till the end of this world

till the time when time stops

You will be mine my love


Under this starry night

I promise to care of you 

like no one else would

till death do as part

Ill give you all  I could



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