Parchment Memory

From first  hello to last goodbye
Time just flew
Like a bird from nest
Only never to return.


With each movement
The wrinkles grew on face.
Bones started to crackle
And the pain worsened.
What remained
Was the letter you wrote to me.
The ink was dried and parched
The paper was yellow.
And the corners stained with coffee
Struggling hard to stay together
With the paper.
But as I read through it
For another millionth time
I felt rejuvenated
The words were still fresh and young
Just like all your other memories

Broken News Paper

Broken news paper
in your hand you kept
like a shelter it protected
your skin.

That beard of yours, grew like a weed
on some beautiful tree, that stood ground once
with marvelous elegance.

The wind flew unobstructed
never cared, never empathized,
the skin grew feeble
and in this gusto it died.

The bread crumbs filled your hat
that lied in front of you
once a symbol of pride on your head
now laid dead on rotten ground.

Why did this happen to a soul
sent to this earth like others, by you
dear almighty, my lord.

Why did he live a life: abandoned?
did you write this fate of his
deliberately, or was he just paying the price
of wrongs he had done?

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