New Year: New Resolution


It is that time of the year already, the time where we start thinking about the NEW YEAR and let go of the PAST and make RESOLUTIONS. So this is what I think the top 6 items in the RESOLUTION list should look like for a thirty year old, newly married (just about a year), INDIAN ( South Asian- It is important to specify this courtesy to the confusion created by Mr Columbus back in the day).

1. CALL HOME: You have been away from home for years now. Each festival is talked in terms of years. Five years ago was the last time  you celebrated Diwali with your parents, seven years for Holi and Rakshabandhan- don’t even think about it. Remember, your parents are not getting any younger with each year, time is limited. And since, you cannot go back and see them as and when you want, the least you can do is call them if not everyday, twice a week is no big deal. Call them on your commute  to work, or on weekends. A five minute of your call can worth inexplicable happiness for them.

2. YOUR PARTNER MATTERS: Your partner is your life now. You married them for a reason. I understand life can get in your way but remember the vows you shared. All it takes is five to ten minutes of conversation. Sit with your better half over a cup of coffee after you reach home from work. And no cell phone, no TV, no music, just talk, plain, simple, heartfelt conversation. Life is good from there on.

3. PLAN FOR FUTURE: Start saving man. Life can get hard and is very unpredictable. Hence, start saving. 5-10 percent of your monthly salary should go into savings without a fail. Have two or three accounts and split your monthly salary between these accounts. Categorize them into major expense areas: grocery, travel, rent etc. You would be amazed how much you save at the end of a year or when you do analysis: how much you spend on what.

4. TRAVEL: No matter how busy your life gets, get outside of your house and your monotonous weekday life, which feels like a routine. Travel. You can travel for cheap. Look for weekend getaways close to your city. You don’t have to go to Hawaii or Paris to feel the change. A small park some miles from your home, a secluded hike or a walk on the beach can do the trick. It helps you get re-energize. You can enjoy the trip all by yourself if you need to look into yourself, find yourself, or just enjoy a sunset on the beach with your partner. Remember, good things doesn’t need to be expensive.

5. HOBBY/PASSION: Imagine a drag life, following a routine and doing what everyone is doing. Doesn’t seem like fun right? Everyone has a passion for something, if you know what your passion is, great half of the deal is done. In case, you don’t know what is your passion, take out some time to explore. Believe me it is a worth investment. It could be anything from writing, working out, reading, hiking, gardening, volunteering, bird watching etc.and when you find it, hold on to it and pursue it.

6. EXERCISE: Nothing is as good an investment as your own body. As you grow old, your body needs extra care. ” Handle with Care” is just written all over it, when you are old. And in case, you don’t want to fall apart when that age hits, invest in your own body. Remember, your body is the closest you got to yourself. 20-30 minutes of everyday is all it needs. Pick any exercise: swimming, walking, jogging, yoga, strength training etc. The world is full of them. Just pick one and do it.

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