Make Love not War


Life they say has a meaning, a purpose to fulfill.

 Help the one in need, feed the starved

Nurse the wounded, Is what makes this

Life worth living.

Compassion for others, Infuses peace at last.

Brings a smile, To a dejected heart.

 Kindness for others, has a healing power

Can win wars, for it never starts one.

So love my friend, Love this life

And all its being.

For its love, that defines the mankind

When everything else goes blind.

Bring these walls down

These walls that stand between you and me
of broken bricks, red and crimson
of copper and brass, of steel and iron.

To you it is a sense of security
a guarantee of safety, from the world outside
from me whom you think of as your enemy.

But it is not me, who is your enemy.
It is these walls itself.
They blocked me from your life and
you never looked at me, nor in my eyes.

But here lies the history.
In the end these walls fall.
They have always caved in.
The bravest of all, the strongest of all.
They all give in, to the test of times.

The slapping of winds, the rust of rain
break it, make it fragile.
May be it is the nature’s way of telling you a story,
that these walls that you erected, between you and me
are meant to perish, like you and me.

And what remains when we are gone
Is nothing but the hostility and insecurity
that persists and permeates
through these walls into the lives of
our coming generations

You may block my vision
and I may not see you
but my thoughts can’t be chained
I think of you as my brother
I think of you as my friend

So my friend, I plea to you
break it down, bring it down
piece by piece, or just blow it all at once.
But just try to let the light of goodness
pass through these walls,
from your world to mine.

Because I know for sure
that there lies a pureness in you
the same goodness, that you were born with
Only somehow, the world took its toll
on that good heart of yours.

Humanity has flourished
and cultures have thrived
when these walls were broken
and melted into ashes
of dust and iron

So, let me see you eye to eye
help me, let you see what I hold
within this heart of mine.
There is no animosity, no bitterness.
All I have for you is pure love my brother.

Flickering Mind


Flickering mind
unstable mind
traveling far places
tangled and intertwined.

Searching for sign divine
peaceful, serene, all chaos behind
in search of a place this kind
is travelling my flickering mind.

(image courtesy: Google Images)
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