The Shadow

Kill me, stab me, rip me apart
Try hard, then harder
To get rid of me


When you were born, I was born
Together we were meant to be.

Till death do us part
You are me and I am you
Forever and ever, Just like eternity.

You know my pain
I like have never known
There are plenty of secrets
That you hold.

Have shouldered me through
Times of tides
Have given me a place
To hide.

Parchment Memory

From first  hello to last goodbye
Time just flew
Like a bird from nest
Only never to return.


With each movement
The wrinkles grew on face.
Bones started to crackle
And the pain worsened.
What remained
Was the letter you wrote to me.
The ink was dried and parched
The paper was yellow.
And the corners stained with coffee
Struggling hard to stay together
With the paper.
But as I read through it
For another millionth time
I felt rejuvenated
The words were still fresh and young
Just like all your other memories

my wonderland

Unlimited dreams
of here and there
wandering mind everywhere

of redwoods and meadows
of grasslands and seas
across the oceans
in wind and breeze

of sun shining
and rain with rainbow
of cattle mooing
and birds chirping

Am I high or Am I really dreaming
where on earth is this place to be found
or wait.. just wait
I know it is in my brain

Make Love not War


Life they say has a meaning, a purpose to fulfill.

 Help the one in need, feed the starved

Nurse the wounded, Is what makes this

Life worth living.

Compassion for others, Infuses peace at last.

Brings a smile, To a dejected heart.

 Kindness for others, has a healing power

Can win wars, for it never starts one.

So love my friend, Love this life

And all its being.

For its love, that defines the mankind

When everything else goes blind.

Dreams of War

This dream of yours
Is a war
That you fight everyday
With bruised hands and
battered heart.
Your eyesStarved_child
Beholds the truth
Of the souls you murdered
And the bodies you killed.
The cosmic stars,
The heavenly bodies,
Do nothing to you
Mean nothing to you.
The truth lies
In your starved mouth,
And the your naked body.
Without guilt and confessions
You kill this dream.

We are only Nineteen

I have been dreaming about you
these nights I am lonely
you been all I ever knew

the touch, when you held me
the voice, when you spoke to me
the breath, when you kissed me

The days are long
the nights are longer
and these times unbearable

without you the house haunts me
the life, chokes me
the happiness seem empty

So come back to me
forgot all that happened between
we were too young to understand
we are only nineteen

Forever and Indefinitely

I carry all these thoughts about you
go to work and think about them
try to write them down
but instead get overwhelmed

Look at the phone thousand times
check messages and calls
but don’t do any of these
instead get back to work

And in the evening, when I leave work
and go running
I pay no attention to songs in my ipod
and Its you, I end up thinking

You follow me everywhere
each directions, in happiness and sorrow
you end up filling
my memories, of today and tomorrow

And when I get back home
to you finally,
I just wanna hold you tight
close to my heart
till our breaths collide
for ever and indefinitely.

First Drop of Hurricane

What’s going on
in this wide world of mine
falling apart and drifting away

Long ago I saw this tiny light
the beacon of hope
but it never stayed

You ran away with the first drop
of hurricane
left me alone
it was fake all the way

You said what I wanted to hear
never ever meant a word though
and now I understand
it was all a foul play

I still wish you luck
in life and love
wish for you better days

Going Crazy

I don’t see you
yet I feel you
today, tomorrow
all along

In emptiness of this house
Craziness of time, emptiness of mind
in all my decisions directions
I see you all around.

In that smell in the kitchen
the fresh bed linen
the curtain in the window
the hair on the pillow

I feel you, see you
everywhere like
I am going crazy

Soaked in gloominess of time
without you this house is no home
haunted and cursed like an old
building left alone

Waiting for resurrection
to rise from ashes
like a phoenix
from dead


That night when I cuddled with you
spoke about your happy memories
the sad days and personal stories

You let me in your heart, into your life
shared with me those stories, you had kept secret
from the world, all this while

For all this while, you spoke to none
but when you shared them with me
you made me feel THE ONE

You said you are not scared of me
based on the scars on your chest
you know I won’t judge you
for the ones that I see, the ones that rest in peace

You brought me in your life, promised me the love
that will never last, We spent the night together
relived our past, weaved dreams for future

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