Sail on this River

I hope you fight till darkness turns to light
Have a sense to stand out wrong from right
And when the storm comes, you don’t avoid
But you go out and dance till it dies

I hope the child in you lives forever
You find your friends and play out the sadness together
And when its time to say goodbye, you say your prayers
Wish them happiness and sail on the river

I hope you appreciate your presence in this world
Treat everyone with love and respect
Remember, kindness and sympathy is what brings joy
Money is temporary , just a scam- a ploy

Rhythm Devine

This dream defined
the rhythm divine
with each melody I heard
I heard a beautiful hym

In paryer, in devotion
I continued to live
with utmost faith
I walked the treacherous path
and the rockies I climbed

Motivated I satyed
kept the dream alive
embraced the downfall
and savored the prime

A little Prayer

A daily prayer
silent and quiet
standing solitary in
the shrine

bowed my head
and joined my hands
kneeled to you
almighty god

thanked you for land beaneath
and for sky above
the air I breathe
the world I see
surrounded by
friends and family

The wisdon bestowed
the knowledge gained
I owe to you
every speck of my soul

Stay with me till the end
guide me on this path
of life and death

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