Rusty Heart

During the times of mistrust
Even the strongest of the lot, Gives away and falls to dust.


Standing under the sun and feeling the rain-the shiny rain,
Feels  nothing but darkness caving deep down.
Each drop, pierces through the iron like bullets and mites,
choking its neck and eating the heart away.
And finally, the iron clad heart is eaten up,
Beaten to death by  sheet of  golden rust.


Take this drink
forget the pain
the barren land
where I stand

The roses are gone
the thorns remain
on this garden of moses
I see no rain

The prophecy turned true
the emptiness is imminent
and I am ready for an obituary

Done with my share
of life and its mystry
don’t consider me a pessimist
it was a life lived with content

Been there and done that
lived life to fullest from the start

5 AM Rain Drops


5 am rain drops

dark nights

stayed long


No life outside

just some fresh air

and silence thrive


Heaven is here

I open my eyes

and its near


Sun still hiding

wet grass and fog

life worth living


How I have forgotten

those 5 am mornings

of winters in rain swollen


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