Slip Away into the Night

Sometimes morning is not just about waking up
It’s an ordeal, it’s a nightmare.

Just like the one,  where you wake up and find yourself
In the middle of an ocean.
Fighting for each breath, you give out SOS, but its all in vain.

There is no savior, you are on your own
There is this voice that resonates in your head
But to let it out, you are too scared.

You don’t want to be called crazy,
There is already enough name tags you hold.

All you want to do is slip away in to the night.

You don’t understand, why do you have to get up.
Sun tries hard to pull you out of the bed
But you don’t want to get up when your brain is dead.

You stare outside the window for hours and hours
And see these people passing by:  some strangers some known.

You try to figure out, if they feel the same
Or this “dead-brain” is only your thing to claim.

And you sit with your knees touching your heart
Tucked in bed sheet, feeling invisible to time
You wait patiently, for each hour to pass.
And time mocks you on your face.
Take its sweet time, travels in its own pace.

You can’t fix everything

Take what you can
Leave what you can
For not everything is meant
To be fixed in your run


Some scars are better left open
Don’t rush them
Don’t push them
It is time that is better than you
It is time-the best healer
Let it run its run

All you can do
Is share the pain
Lower the burden
And dance together

Dance in the rain

Shallow Waters

Gave away the love
I had for you
that moment when
I laid next to you

My skin was there
but I was missing the touch
Your body felt like
a stranger to me
this time when we made love

The night was marked with guilt
the day with crime
the love I had for you
was lost in time

Did not take long
for us to realize
that we have lost
the love we shared
long time ago

And now we live
in this shallow waters
hollow chest
and full with horrors

The Right Time

When is the right time
To take control of your decline
Stop toiling and quit the line
Move up and push hard in all your climbs
Have your faith, in God reassign
Stop this monotony with new design
Re-calculate, calibrate the new paradigm

I guess, it is always now, and now is the time
Don't just wait for an intervention divine
Puff up your chest and work for each dime
Crawl under fenced barbwire but never recline
You are a beast, born to shine

Time might take it's time
but you work hard and do not supine

Take a Breather

Take a breather

look around, realize


Moments are short

and  pass by


Quickly with the blink of eye

days turn months, time just flies


Regret is what remains

from those unnoticed days





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