A road worth travelling

The heartache and pain
the routine of it
happening over and over again

Is not new anymore
is not sad anymore
It is part of this life
and now I enjoy it ever more

A learning curve
they said
comes along
and it has been some curve
believe me

It has been worth it though
no matter how tough and hard
the road has been
it has been a worth travelling on

Real Fortune


Whats a fortune

bank accounts , cheque

or loving someone

who loved you back

Wait of eons

to get heard

speak out

listen unsaid

Share a laugh

a moment of smile

walk together

million miles

Living away from home

friends, family

and many you haven’t spoken to

Seasons missed out

festivals alone

dark room and

no feelings shown

Fortune, is not what glitters

gold is just a metal

bonds of not paper

but of heart is what matters

So get back, pick the phone

and call back

Even if its silent

It’s worth something

for they are important

and rest nothing

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